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WHY Games Studio Presents at Indienomcion


We had a blast last Thursday presenting and demoing Gravity Ark at IndieNomicon. Thanks to everyone that came out to see us, I hope you had as much fun as we did!
presenting at Indienomicon

While presenting, we got to tell the tale of Gravity Ark's inception (BWAAAHHHHH!!).

Indie Galactic Space Jam

Gravity Ark started out as a game jam game, made at Indie Galactic Space Jam 2014. When it started, I went to the front of the room to pitch my idea, trying to get others to join me in my quest for epic game creation. The pitch had black holesfire, and other awesome things.... and then I had to address the one problem. I had to move in the middle of the game jam. I literally I had to leave after the pitch, and spend the next 24 hours moving couches and beds, missing about half the jam.
Chris[Left] pitching the idea at Indie Galactic Space Jam.
As you can see Theory on the right is not amused.
As you might imagine, this wasn't the most enticing offer, but I liked the idea, so I went for it alone. Despite a lack of polish, there was some cool physics. So, when my brother and I were trying to decide what to work on a few months ago, we decided it had potential and ran with it.

A Presentation 2-ish Years In The Making 

So, after 2 years we got to present the game to many of those that had been part of Indie Galactic at Indienomicon.
Indienomicon goers got to see a presentation on Gravity Ark, and got to play a demo of the game for themselves. They could even play Gravity Ark on the Melrose Center's 12' by 8' wall. The game not only looked great (despite being 20X the intended size), but the wall actually had a touch screen. So, users could literally walk up and play.
Playing Gravity Ark on the largest touch screen ever!
For all those that came, thank you again.

This is Chris Ross with WHY Games Studio, hoping your day is out of this world! 

-WHY Games Studio
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