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Gravity Ark's ships: Space Bat and Doge

Gravity Ark's Ships

We knew early on that we wanted a diverse selection of ships. So, we made sure there was a mess of space stuff (Neptune, Sputnik, etc.) as well as some things that were a bit further out there.

Space Bat

For those who haven't heard of space bat, his story unfortunately starts with his death. Once upon a time, there was a strange heat signature on the outside of the space shuttle Discovery as it was preparing to go on a mission to the International Space Station.

When researchers at NASA looked into it, they realized that a lil' bat was hanging on the outside of the rocket.

Hoping that he would simply fly off, the rocket launched, but the bat (soon to be Space Bat) held on. NASA ended up releasing an article about it, and the obvious assumption is that the bat died, but the internet... wasn't satisfied. When he rode into space, he rode into our hearts. And thus the Space Bat meme was born.
Of course, we had to put space bat in our game.

Here's to you space bat, we hope you complete your mission!


For those that don't know of doge, he's next to impossible to explain.

Stupid dog says things grammatically incorrectly?

...Seriously, real hard to explain.

Anyway, we thought doge was awesome and added it into the game.

Here's to you doge, may your grammar always be poor!

Shout out to Stanley Kuschick and Patricio Delgado for providing most of the text Doge says.

This is Chris Ross with WHY Games Studio, hoping your day is out of this world! 

-WHY Games Studio
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